As a main contractor or co-maker in leading projects, Solidd designs, manufactures and assembles complex (movable) steel bridges, possibly including movement works and automation.

No bridge to far or to complex

As an expert in dynamically loadable, movable steel structures, at Solidd we design, manufacture and assemble all types of (mainly) movable steel bridges, possibly including movable structures and automation. We do this as a main contractor or as a co-maker. Steel plates form the basis of the constructions, therefore the most challenging architectural forms are possible, despite the sometimes gigantic construction sizes.

Efficient an innovative solutions

Our many years of experience and expertise in bridges enables us to comply to the strict laws and regulations in bridge construction. Together with the client, we strive to achieve the most efficient and innovative steel solution, with attention to use, management and maintenance.

Complete, operational delivery

At Solidd, we have the expertise to design and build a complete bridge in-house at a unique location on the Princess Margriet Canal. With a computer-controlled (CNC) cutting machine, our own machining equipment and having a preservation hall located on our business park, we can transport the entire product to the project location. There, the bridge is safely installed and commissioned by our own site installation teams and partners for automation.

Weirs and locks

Solidd is an expert in complex projects for new construction of (primary) weirs, and is often involved in (complex) renovations of non-serial weirs and locks of the major Dutch waterways.

New construction and renovation

A weir or a lock is characterized by extreme precision in dimensional stability and watertightness. At Solidd we like to think along with our clients and partners in complex projects. However, we mainly focus on renovations sizing from small to very large non-standard weirs and locks in the major waterways in the Netherlands.

Temporary constructions

We have extensive expertise in the field of temporary constructions on site. These are often necessary to be able to inspect the object before renovation in our conditioned production hall.

Work on location

Our professionals have the specific knowledge and skills to, for example, renovate or completely renew movement works on site.


Solidd has many years of expertise in the processing of high-quality steel into parts for complete cranes in harbor and offshore industry. Work is carried out in accordance with all international standards and codes

Semi-finished products for cranes

For the harbor and offshore industry, we process high-quality steel according to international standards and codes into high-quality parts for complete container- or harbor cranes.

High-quality constructions

Every crane is different and requires a construction that is as light as possible. At Solidd we are characterized by smart solutions, a flexible attitude and short lines in the production process, so that quality assurance is ensured throughout the entire process.

Sophisticated design optimization

During the entire process, from application to realization, we are in close contact with the client, in order to achieve the highest possible quality of the product.

Offshore applications

For the offshore sector, Solidd mainly focuses on the design and manufacture of structures and applications for transport ships and offshore wind installation vessels

Auxiliary structures for sea transport

In addition to making steel parts for (drilling) platforms, work ships and windmills, the activities for the offshore industry mainly concern the design and manufacture of auxiliary structures for transport and installation at sea.

Performance in accordance with international codes

Due to the influences of waves, currents and wind, the requirements for transport structures are extra heavy, thus extra attention is paid to the accurate calculation of connections and structures. All our activities for the offshore industry are in accordance with applicable international standards.

On-site modifications

In view of the enormous draft and dimensions of the offshore transport vessels, it is possible to carry out the work in one of the seaports. Thanks to the innovative strength within Solidd, we often come up with surprisingly smart solutions. They not only save time and money, but also ensure that work and transport can be done safely.


Solidd Steel Structures can perform all common machining, such as surfaces, line drilling, but also smaller turning and milling work, for both the infrastructural and offshore industry.

Solidd Steel Structures has its own mobile boring and milling equipment that can also be used on site.

Service & Maintenance

Solidd is also able to perform maintenance work on bridges and locks

Solidd Steel Structures is mainly known as a producer of movable bridges, weirs and lock gates, but now also equipped for asset management in the northern region of the Netherlands. Preventive and corrective maintenance are key elements in our service organization.

With this service & maintenance organization, Solidd shows  servisitation a fresh, innovative and predictive way. We have about 100 objects in the northern region of the Netherlands under supervision for service. Bridges and locks in the outer areas, but also large and important complexes such as the Princess Margriet lock near Lemmer and the Farmsum sea lock. In addition, we are maintaining the Ketelbrug on the A6 and have replaced a number of systems there in the past year, so that it is ready for the future.

Our technicians are busy all year round to keep all complexes in optimum condition, while the hindrance to road and shipping traffic is kept to a minimum. If a technician expects problems in the future based on his knowledge, we will provide substantiated advice to implement optimization. Prevention is better than curing. In consultation with our clients, we use the latest monitoring techniques, so that the technology can provide predictive advice. Smart sensors and remote maintenance are examples of this.

Solidd is progressive and thinks along about modern solutions while preserving the human interaction. We are well represented throughout the northern region of the Netherlands and bring a healthy portion of northern sobriety with us.

A thorough and professional maintenance organization includes a well-functioning 24/7 consignment service. Solidd has the right resources for this and has therefore given direction to a robust and capable consignment service for several years now. Regular customers or new customers, we are ready for you. Immediately solving the problem to limit consequential and collateral damage to a minimum. We immediately board the busses and record everything digitally, while we solve the problem. If necessary, you can watch digitally remote using the resources that our technicians have available. In the past year, for example, we solved a number of acute problems for various municipalities.

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