Challenges and Realization Tetrahedron crane

Challenges and pioneering mentality

At Solidd, we embrace challenges that give us the opportunity to grow and innovate. When Tetrahedron approached us to manufacture their revolutionary Tetrahedron test crane, we were aware of all the fuss surrounding the bold design. It was an Innovative new crane concept, an unexplored area that required a solid dose of pioneering spirit. Having convinced ourselves of the feasibility of this project, we were determined to work with our client, Tetrahedron, to prove that even the boldest ideas can become reality.

Technical challenges and innovation

The Tetrahedron crane presented a unique combination of technical challenges. We had to manufacture a crane that, given its shape and size, was relatively lightweight yet extremely strong and precise. In doing so, tolerances due to the 3D geometry of the design were a challenge to achieve. By using thin-walled high strength steel and accurate 3D measurements, we were able to achieve the required strength and precision, successfully solving this complex puzzle.

Collaboration and common goal

In our collaboration with Tetrahedron, we pursued a common goal: to realize a crane that is solid not only in name, but also in design. Our expertise in manufacturing and project management, combined with Tetrahedron's theoretical knowledge of concept and design, provided the foundation on which we built this project. This shared dedication and joint problem-solving ability was evident throughout the process. Everyone's focus was on the realization of the project, with own business interests being secondary to the larger goal. Both parties made concessions to make this project a reality; it was a matter of give and take with the main goal being the successful completion of the crane.

Results and future prospects Tetrahedron crane

The successful completion of the Tetrahedron crane is a milestone that fills us with pride. We have proven our ability to push boundaries and deliver innovative solutions in the offshore wind market, even in the most demanding conditions. Project-based construction the individual components was both a logistical and a planned technical challenge, where everything ultimately had to come together seamlessly in tolerances, dimensions and time.

Due to its impressive dimensions, the crane was built in parts and transported to Vlissingen by pontoon. In Vlissingen, the first crane of this design was assembled. We performed some more "field welding" on site for the structural parts that were too large to transport in one piece. The Tetrahedron has successfully passed the first test procedure and thus we at Solidd look back on a successful project.







- Boom with spreaders


Base Frame
- Base frame
- Mast with spreader
- Front legs


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