The St. Sebastiaansbridge is located over the Rijn-Schiekanaal canal in Delft. The new bridge provides a safe and smooth connection between the city center and the Technical University district.
The new bridge is a movable steel bascule bridge with two lanes for motorized traffic, a double streetcar and bus lane and separate pedestrian and bicycle paths on both sides. The work for Solidd consisted of fabricating, transporting and assembling of two steel bascule bridge falls including ballast boxes and movement work.

A number of fixed bridges in the transport route rightfully presented a challenge with regard to the transport of the bridge. The falls were therefore transported in two parts and the ballast boxes connected to the bridge falls on site.

  • ISO 9001
  • EN ISO 3834-2
  • EN 1090-1
  •  VCA**
  •  CO² prestatieladder