Commissioned by the Province of Groningen, Solidd has undertaken the replacement of the table bridge Zuidhorn. The table bridge consists of a bridge deck with two arch structures, which can be moved up and down by means of an electro-hydraulic drive. The weight of the bridge is partially offset by two ballast boxes.

The fall had to be transported by water to the site in Zuidhorn. Due to the limited headroom of the old railroad bridge in Zuidhorn, it was not possible to transport the halyard on a pontoon. The fall was therefore transported by water where air cushions were mounted to the fall to create enough buoyancy and stability.

Technical Specification

Fall complete61,02 m13,82 m7,336 m310 tons
Leg construction9,544 m1,55 m1,4 m41,534 tons
Hand rails (42 parts)2,935 m1,20 m0,985 m6,62 tons
Inspection vehicle14,00 m1 m1,36 m2,365 tons
Ballast box (2 pieces12.7 m1.3 m1.3 m160/162 tons

  • ISO 9001
  • EN ISO 3834-2
  • EN 1090-1
  •  VCA**
  •  CO² prestatieladder